Friday, November 21, 2008

Sport Climbing 101

I was fortunate to hit a week of perfectly sunny weather while home in Seattle, and got in several great days of rock climbing at Index and Equinox Wall. But then of course the weather turned to more typical fall conditions (rain, rain, rain), and it was time to move on... to Kentucky (seriously)!

I've got just over three weeks here in the Red River Gorge before continuing down to Patagonia, which should be just long enough to regain rock climbing fitness from six weeks at 4,000+ meters. The climbing here is super fun and forgiving - almost all overhanging with big holds.

My friends Micah, Nellie, and John, along with the locals who make the Red River Gorge their home, are teaching me how to be a true sport climber. Lesson 1 was stick clipping: